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A mother deer approaches after hearing a newborn baby cry.

In a touching Tik Tok video, a mother tries to console her crying baby but instead encounters a deer scurrying out of the woods and pleading for help. It’s simple to understand why this brief video clip has been viewed over 27 million times since that time.

Little newborns might cry for a variety of reasons, as you may know, and mothers may find it difficult to settle down. Hannah Burton had these feelings a few days prior, but she had also witnessed a scene that she truly did not want to be in. On the veranda of her home in New Lexington, Ohio, the mom was trying to kindly console her crying newborn baby Charlie.

When an unexpected guest emerged out of nowhere when the small infant was peacefully sleeping on a blanket in the middle of the balcony with her adoring mother by her side, she calmly tried to soothe him down. A wild deer leapt from the underbrush and charged Hannah and her young child.

She sought to reassure the deer that everything was under control as soon as she learned the deer’s intentions. The wild animal simply imitated its mother’s movements and sprang into action to assist!

The infant was curled up on the blanket next to his loving mother when a mysterious stranger emerged out of nowhere. She hurried directly to Hanna with a scared look when a wild deer came across the bushes, but she soon understood the pet was just trying to help!

‘No, no, no!’ You can hear the woman. “That is my child. This is my child. Hello, mommy! She then makes an effort to explain to Charlie what just transpired.

The mother used the camera to record the enjoyable event and posted it online. She captioned the video, “When a baby starts screaming outside and has to flex over with her mom’s stag beetle.”

Credits: Tiktok/hannaburton