With the aid of three kind chimps, a dy.ing puppy is brought back to life. - Animals Paradise

With the aid of three kind chimps, a dy.ing puppy is brought back to life.

Jenny and Jim Desmond, who manage the Liberia Monkey Rescue in West Africa, are experts when it comes to saving animals.
One day as Jenny was driving through the streets of a little village in Liberia, she came upon a small animal that was in desperate need of assistance.

Driving Snafu, the dy.ing dog, back to the shelter allowed Jenny and her husband to provide her the specialized care she required.

Snafu, however, remained in poor condition; in addition to hungry, she also had illnesses and worms, so they kept a tight eye on her, unsure of whether she would survive.

The pair decided on Snafu and got ready to meet the other sanctuary inhabitants as her eyes started to get brighter and her skin started to get better after a few days.
They had no idea how well-liked she would be by the other inhabitants.

The chimps fell in love with Snafu right away and not only loved her and helped her, but they also made sure to be there whenever she needed fun playmates.

The monkeys watched Snafu as she grew bigger and stronger, but they were unable to hold this adorable puppy like they had in the past.

Jenny located Snafu a permanent home in Colorado with her nephews once she had fully recovered.

It’s all thanks to a shelter that loves and some kind chimps that she is now living in a lovely home with two sisters and a mom and dad who adore her.

Source: pawmypets.com