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People are astonished by how enormous kangaroos are.

You probably picture critters that jump around Australia and generate fantastic cartoon figures.

Kangaroos are actually quite strong creatures, and they have the “weapons” to prove it. When people realize how large a kangaroo may become, they tend to be pretty alarmed.

More people now have the chance to view these hoppers up close and in person thanks to Jay Brewer and his TikTok channel. Actually, one particular video clip that showed one kangaroo’s enormous arms quickly became popular online.

In the video, Jay is attempting to display his kangaroo friend’s enormous biceps when the ‘roo grabs hold of him. Although it doesn’t look good for Jay, a barrier between them prevents him from receiving a loud thrashing.

Even if the experience may have slightly spooked Jay out, he is still at calm enough to continue filming. He only exclaims to the kangaroo how powerful he is and emphasizes the size of his enormous arms.

The kangaroo had one of its arms curled around Jay’s back at this point, but Jay was able to back up and away from the mammal. It’s fortunate because it seemed to be heading in the wrong direction.

“The kangaroos in Texas look to be even bigger than the ones in Australia,” he wrote in the caption of the video when it was uploaded.

When the comments began, everyone immediately agreed with Jay. Some people were particularly concerned about how close the obviously jacked animal came to him.

You could be wondering, like many others, why he possessed such enormous arms. An Australian commenter helped us understand that older kangaroos use more on their arms to go around because they cannot hop as easily. They appear to be performing pushups, which would explain why their arms are so well-developed.

They also have pointed claws, but they rarely use them. It’s a good thing because if this roo had decided to escalate the situation, Jay might have been in a world of hurt.