As they reunite after a quarantine, a man and a donkey cry with happiness. - Animals Paradise

As they reunite after a quarantine, a man and a donkey cry with happiness.

Ismael Fernández has spent the past few months abiding by the quarantine rules due to COVID-19 without being permitted to see the other members of his family, who live in Spain with him. Ismael, though, has also missed his family members as well as his pet donkey, Baldomera.

Once the obstacle started to be removed and he was allowed to travel close to his brother’s house, the man and Baldomera had an emotional reunion.

Ismael used to see his brother and Baldomera (or Baldo, as he liked to be called) once a week, and the quarantine prevented him from continuing this tradition.

Image/ Ismael Fernandez

Now that some restrictions had been lifted, he escaped his incarceration and went to his brother’s house.

The Dodo heard Ishmael say this:

I decided to visit my burrita even though many people wanted to go to clubs. I went to see her soon away because I knew how much she missed her.

Image/ Ismael Fernandez

As soon as Ismael arrived at his family’s property, he called Baldo, and she immediately went to see him.

He went on:

She had never made such sound before, and when she noticed me, she too started to cry. Together, we wailed. I was so happy to see her that I started crying.

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In the days following the incident, Baldo has not wanted to be apart from his friend.

Ishmael claims

“I think my brother might be a little envious. She has always been under my care, but now that he is content, she only wants to be with me.

However, now that Baldo and Ismael walk with their brother every day, their time apart has only gotten them closer. It was possible to see how much the man and the donkey care about one another by their reunion following a number of days apart.

Image/ Ismael Fernandez