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A Motorcyclist Saves an Injured Bald Eagle on the Highway

Dandon Miller was riding his motorcycle down a Pennsylvania highway, taking in the fresh air and sunshine. Then he came to a halt as he noticed something unexpected.

Miller came upon a wounded bald eagle on the road.

CREDIT: Dandon Miller

A few more people had stopped, but no one knew what to do to help the sad bald eagle.

“I looked down to see why everyone was stopped,” Miller told The Dodo, “and there was a bald eagle in the middle of the road.” “There was another person there, and they prodded her to see if she would go off the road or flee.” She spread her wings wide and vowed that she was not leaving.”

CREDIT: Dandon Miller

Miller called 911 and was sent to the Tri-State Bird Research and Rescue, a bird rehabilitation organization.
They told Miller they would be right over, but it would take them about 45 minutes to get there.

CREDIT: Dandon Miller

He took off his plaid shirt, wrapped it around the bald eagle, and gently hoisted her up. The bald eagle seemed calm while Miller held her, as if she recognized he was attempting to help her.
“I was just trying to keep her quiet and make sure she knew she was safe and that I wasn’t going to drop her or anything,” Miller explained. “It was amazing to be able to hold that bird and have her be so calm. Simply incredible.”

Miller doesn’t mind if his favorite jersey is a little worn. He thinks it was good to help the bald eagle.

Miller is a compassionate man who did not hesitate to help an injured eagle. Because of him, the eagle is on its way to recovery.

Source: dailyphew.com