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A Hero Dog Saves Baby Deer’s Life On Storm!

Meet Storm, the dog who immediately jumped to the aid of an unidentified animal who was in danger of drowning in the sea. It became clear that the defenseless animal was an injured young deer as the dog approached it.

Storm’s owner, Mike Freeley, was walking his dogs when the incident took place. His human began documenting the entire scenario as soon as Storm entered the picture. Just as he would with a puppy, the dog is seen gently pulling the deer about in his mouth.

The dog followed her even to the shore and licked her to keep the poor animal warm and safe. Up to the arrival of the personnel from Strong Island Animal Rescue, the dog and his owner were present.

When the confused deer leaped into the water and started drowning once more, the rescuers from the refuge also struggled to deal with her. Frankie Floridia, a volunteer, went to save her this time.

Most importantly, thanks to the rescuers and one especially brave dog, the newborn deer is being treated and is anticipated to fully survive.

Source: dailyphew.com