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An Eagle Poses For The Camera Next To The Woman He Considers To Be His Great Love.

Birds are among the most secretive and distrustful species in the natural world, but when they are offered affection, they always know how to demonstrate gratitude. This reply motivated Lohwana Halaq, a Filipino caregiver in charge of the care and conservation of a rare species of eagle for the past five years.

Lohwana Halaq

Sinag, a Philippine eagle, lives in a sanctuary run by the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

This creature does not get along with anyone other than its human caregiver and mother. There are other people like it in the region.

Lohwana Halaq

Despite the fact that, according to caregivers and industry experts, Sinag has declared the lady as her spouse. It’s unusual to see a male interact with a young woman in this way.

Lohwana, for one, doesn’t care if the bird regards her as his wife or girlfriend. The girl performs her chores with zeal and devotion because she is overjoyed to be able to do so.

Lohwana Halaq

Halaq is aware of the difficult circumstances confronting these birds, which the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources maintains are among the largest and longest in the world.

Lohwana Halaq

Because there are just about 500 specimens left, the threat of extinction is dormant.

“The Philippine eagle is on the verge of extinction due to habitat degradation.” If this condition persists, the juvenile animals will lack a territory to ensure the survival of their species. According to the Philippine government’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources, hunting has also contributed to the population decline.

Lohwana Halaq

The ease with which Sinag interacts with his trainer and the confidence with which he appears in front of the camera show that the bird is healthy and used to being around humans. This specimen, on the other hand, is committed to Halaq and does not wish to displace it, so let us not let that influence our decision.

In the video below, she can be seen being interested and content as an eagle at the sanctuary while being safeguarded by her partner.