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A man pulling a cart full of dogs receives unexpected life-changing assistance from a stranger.

When a woman noticed the man with his ten dogs, she decided to stop and inquire about his life story…and that’s when everything changed for him.

Homeless folks used to be just like everyone else we know. They used to have a house, a career, and possibly a family, writes thepetneeds.com

Many of them used to have pets or were simply pet enthusiasts.

Some homeless people keep their pets or become guardian angels for stray animals, like one homeless man, Steve, did.

In 2001, Steve began living on the street. By 2015, he had taken any stray dog he came across on his journey and had loaded a cart with them.
The man began his trek from California to Indiana, where his partner, who is also a pet lover, lived, in 2015.

So he hopped on his bike, hitched a tiny cart to it, loaded it with his 11 dogs, and began peddling.

He had a flat tire in the middle of his 2,000-mile drive and had to stop to mend it. At the moment, 24-year-old Alicia was driving past and happened to notice the man.

She was on the phone with her father at the time, and she informed him what she had seen. After a brief discussion, they both agreed that, while it was risky, she should stop and see if she could assist the man.

She did, in fact, pull over and approach the man. When she inquired about his background, Steve replied that he had been homeless, had picked up stray animals, and was now riding to Indiana. Alicia was speechless after hearing the man’s story. It also made it plain to her that she had no choice but to assist the man, even though he made no request.

So she went, and when she came back, she had food and supplies for the dogs. She also used social media to establish a fundraising for the man and his dogs.

The fundraiser did, in fact, help earn $35,000 for the homeless guy and his canine companions.

In addition, a woman called Kelley Seaton from Tennessee offered to drive Steve and his pets to Indiana. The man couldn’t believe how fortunate he had been to find so much love and support.

But Steve’s assistance did not end there.

When he arrived in Indiana, he and his girlfriend were assigned to Angela, a woman who works exclusively with homeless persons who have pets. The lady has been assisting them since the day they arrived with her.

The dogs were spayed/neutered and given a medical checkup. But the people who were treating them never contemplated taking them from the man who had been caring for them for the previous 14 years.

Good Samaritans gave a new trailer to Steve to make things simpler for him and to ensure that he and his four-legged pals would never be homeless again.

Steve didn’t know how to express his gratitude to everyone who helped him and his puppies.

This anecdote serves as a reminder that doing good always comes back to you in some form.

Source: thepetneeds.com