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Get to know the woman who saved a deer not once, but twice

“You need to learn how to leap, boo!” said Chloe Dorsey to the juvenile deer stuck in two fences at Stone Mountain Park last week.

Dorsey used her muscle to free the fawn from both fences in three minutes.

“I’m feeling superhuman. Feeling like Supergirl, “After a video of the rescues went viral, she told Channel 2 Action News. “I finished!”

Dorsey was out for a morning run at Memorial Lawn in Stone Mountain Park when she noticed the fawn trapped between the bars of a metal fence.

“I look, and suddenly it moves.” “I looked up and thought, oh my lord!” she told the television channel. (Possibly intended pun.)

She had her phone set up to record the rescue.

“I cross the barrier.” You have to do what you have to do, I reasoned. “I’m going to have to pull this fence apart,” she admitted.

The footage shows her crouched and pulling the steel bar just enough to let the writhing deer to go.

However, the fawn became entangled in a different fence in the middle of the lawn, prompting Dorsey to advise the deer to take some jumping lessons.

“What will happen if I am not present?” In the video, she says

The second barrier was more difficult, but she eventually leapt over it, allowing the deer to fit through and flee.

Dorsey received national notoriety and was hailed as a wildlife advocate after the video went viral.