Days after being ab.andoned with her puppies, a dog mother waited for her owner. - Animals Paradise

Days after being ab.andoned with her puppies, a dog mother waited for her owner.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but obviously, not everyone agrees. There are still countless dogs in our area that are being mistreated every day and every hour. Some individuals in our society are really callous, and while the significant things they accomplish may be truly amazing, they do so negatively.

Thankfully, there are still wonderful, kind people in the world. Following Mladeno Dog Rescue Shelter

When vac learned that a canine mother and her young puppies had been abandoned, they quickly on the road.

The young dog and her puppies appeared to have been abandoned brutally by the side of the road a few days prior. Some individuals did make an effort to assist, but the dog mama refused any food that was offered to her and even hissed at them. The dog was obviously still waiting for her owner, and only her owner.

Of course, nothing turned out as well as the poor dog had hoped. She remained still for several days, but her owner never returned.

The situation actually changed by the time the rescuers arrived. The mother dog seems a little down. She accepted the rescuers’ assistance and ate some food. Perhaps she was aware that she had been entirely abandoned. She might have given up watching.

She was very dejected. A young mother was dumped next to a road with her infants, and for several days she did not stir. Her suffering broke our hearts. On YouTube, Dog Rescue Sanctuary Mladenovac wrote, “Some people are really horrible.

Following the feeding of the mother, the rescuers searched the area and discovered three additional puppies, all of whose eyes were still closed. The gang made sure to rummage around once more before they left to make sure no other dogs had been left behind.

The dog, later given the name Moli, and her young puppies were transported safely to the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, where they are currently able to live happily and be loved. Hopefully, Moli and her children will immediately find a new house.