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Dog leads father to street cat, demands he take her home

Zach Hearn thought his family was complete when Tang started whining and laid down next to her, but his two dogs, Tang and Cream, knew far better.

Earlier this month, the puppies were out for a walk when they came across a small animal that was in need of assistance and hastened to its aid.

Hearn told The Dodo that Tang and Cream “suddenly stopped and seemed perplexed.” You can hear a cat meowing from a distance, so both people rushed to the scene to investigate.

Hearn was unable to determine the source of the noise, but both dogs were able to locate a small kitten that was laying in the middle of the roadway and was between three and four weeks old.

The mother was not present, and the kitten was filthy and emaciated. Hearn was concerned that his King Charles cavalier and golden retriever may chase the cat, but the puppies understood just what to do.

Hearn was taken aback when both dogs started coddling the timid tiny calico. Tang reportedly started crying and sat close to her, according to Hearn. “Cream started scrubbing and licking her.”

Hearn realized he couldn’t leave the kitten on the road, so he took her up and carried her inside, where he and his girlfriend prepared the kitten a cozy place to relax, provided her with some food, and helped her use the bathroom, which she really needed. The cat had obviously been living alone for a while, but she soon regained her strength.