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A Dog Ab.andoned In An Old Tattered Coat Heals Amazingly.

In complete darkness, it is difficult to do anything, let alone catch and rescue a fearful dog. As a result, Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, prefers to save early in the morning.

But one night, Hall received an urgent message about a screaming, very ill puppy that had truly been abandoned. She instantly loaded up her car with treats and a humane dog trap.

Hall said, “I left at midnight. “She was driving down a one-lane road in the middle of nowhere. I knew I had to find her.

Hall initially struggled to find the dog in the darkness. But she was ultimately able to find the dog thanks to a distinctive reflection.

Hall said, “I saw her by her eyes. We gave her the nickname “Moonie” because the moonlight made her easier for me to see.

Although Moonie’s body was still in a hopeless state, her eyes were stunning. She had an outdated, dirty coat and was “skin and bones,” according to Hall. In fact, because Moonie was so thin, Hall initially thought she had captured a coyote.

She had everything, according to Hall, including mange and scabies. She stank so horrible when I got her that evening.

Hall, though, stood at Moonie’s side throughout her issue. Until the veterinarian’s doors opened early the next morning, the two shared a bed in the car. After seeing the veterinarian, Moonie began arduous therapy for her several ailments, which called for a six-week period of isolation.

Moonie began receiving foster care once she had undoubtedly finished her therapy. She had a sweet personality, though, so her time as a “foster dog” was short-lived.

She most certainly went to two different foster homes, according to Hall. During her second foster placement, she was about to be placed for adoption, but her foster mother said, “No, I can’t part with this girl. We must keep her here.”

Moonie has “the most beautiful life now,” according to Hall.

She has been thriving in her new home by the ocean and has undergone an amazing physical metamorphosis, in addition to enjoying the love and attention that come with being the only kid in her new family.

She appears to be the most stunning dog you have ever seen, according to Hall. “She merits the entire world. And her story deserves to be told.

Source: pawmypets.com