A maniac coats a stray puppy in super glue. Then a rescue worker realizes there is yet hope. - Animals Paradise

A maniac coats a stray puppy in super glue. Then a rescue worker realizes there is yet hope.

For some reason, a horde of extremely evil people chose to coat this helpless puppy with glue.

Caution: This video will undoubtedly distress any animal lover, but please send your thoughts and prayers to baby Pascal!

It’s difficult to think that there are individuals out there who would bully a dog, but there are, writes pawmypets.com

Fortunately, for every horrible person on the globe who would undoubtedly be so brutal to an animal, there are countless more who would go to any length to save a four-legged friend’s important life!

Pascal may be small, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen a lot. For whatever reason, a gang of truly evil people decided to smother this helpless puppy with glue.

Pascal became covered in dust and mulch after spending enough time covered in glue. It eventually solidified to the point that it was more difficult than rock.

The adhesive tomb became so thick that it began to cut off the young baby’s blood flow. This lovely canine was almost certainly going to die.

But, happily, a team of truly remarkable rescuers arrived at the last minute and got right to work.

It took hours to gradually trim away his stubborn hair, but after a lot of client effort and layer upon layer was taken away, Pascal began to rise. Because of the reduced blood flow, one of his ears became necrotic.

Pascal’s physical condition could be lot better, and he is extraordinarily brave, but doctors believe his spirit has been broken. It will take a lot of effort to get him back to normal, but he will eventually find a forever home where he will be treated with love and respect.

Thank you to He’Art of Rescue for providing this footage and assisting in the rescue of Pascal’s precious life.

Source: pawmypets.com