Otter seeks refuge on Guy's boat after narrowly escaping the jaws of a killer whale. - Animals Paradise

Otter seeks refuge on Guy’s boat after narrowly escaping the jaws of a killer whale.

A close encounter between a killer whale and his prey, an otter, was something 37-year-old John Dornellas just witnessed firsthand.

Donellas, who runs a boat tour company and conducts exploratory expeditions in Alaska, witnessed a near-death experience firsthand.

When Dornellas noticed a disturbance in the water, he was out on his boat. He noticed that something was swimming quickly toward his boat so it wouldn’t be eaten by a killer whale. An otter runs frantically to avoid being killed as the whale’s dorsal fin closes closer, writes

The otter unexpectedly emerges from the sea and seeks protection aboard the boat with Donellas, who is unable to comprehend what he is seeing.

As he records the interaction, Donellas exclaims, “Are you kidding me? He tells the otter, “Come on up bud.”

The killer whale circles its prey for the next few minutes while the otter remains safely in the boat. The otter briefly returns to the water before deciding that the boat is more appealing.

The otter eventually dove back into the ocean as the killer whale moved away from the boat after the incredibly close encounter continued for a bit.

Click the video below to watch this incredible event. We are thrilled that this little guy’s story ended happily!