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The dog with Alzheimer’s went to paradise, leaving his closest feline companion behind.

An 18-year-old Japanese Shiba Inu named Shino who battled Alzheimer’s disease passed away, according to his owner.
On March 7 at 14:45, Shino passed away abruptly and silently. My beautiful pet, I hope he can live a happy life in heaven,” the animal’s owner posted on Instagram.

To honor Shino in the days that followed, his owner continued to post updates of his photos online, obviously focusing primarily on the interactions between Shino and his kitty pal Kuu. Shino struggled to move due to his health issues, let alone take care of himself.

Shino nevertheless enjoyed a content existence while being well-cared for by his owner and in Kuu’s companionship.
The owner claims that the 7-year-old Kuu developed become a protector for his canine friend and forbade other cats from approaching him.

Shino needed Kuu as a crutch because he was unable to control his body while walking due to his condition. His cat companion was always at his side whenever he wanted to get up or move.

The owner said, “The day before Shino died, he got up, had breakfast, and went outside as usual, but in the evening, he suddenly dropped down with loud wails. “I held him in my arms all night long. He appeared to have a fever and was having breathing problems.

“The doctor said Shino should remain there in observation and could be allowed to go back home at nightfall the next morning after I sent him to the hospital, so I returned home first to have a rest,” the owner stated.

Kuu snuck straight into my quilt at that time so we could sleep together. It hadn’t happened very much before. However, the doctor called me at 2:30 in the afternoon to inform me that Shino had ceased breathing, writes

Kuu was startled to learn that Shino had passed away, and he even passed out in the hospital. The day before, Shino was in wonderful health, and it happened so quickly! Online supporters of the group were concerned about Kuu’s situation after Shino passed away. According to the owner, Kuu frequently slept by himself in Shino’s kennel. He occasionally took a nap on the cupboard next to his kennel while watching the spot where they frequently shared a bed.

The owner saw that Kuu was missing his best friend.

He needs some time to complete it, therefore the owner rarely interrupted him. The owner, though, assured the followers that Kuu was improving and could now consume more food.