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Mama Dog Goes After The Truck That Stole Her Puppies

A dog rescuer by the name of Karlee was alerted to a situation by some friends involving a litter of puppies living under a wood stack at a construction site that was still being demolished.
The puppies had been pulled out by locals, but they were incredibly afraid. Karlee then went to help and provided some food and water to entice them away.

They were able to capture each youngster when the pups at last started to emerge! However, they would need to come back during the next days to look for their mother.

She was much more wary of them than her babies when they first discovered her. However, one member of the community who feeds her came up with the plan to try to capture the dog. He claimed that if he removed the puppies, the mother would undoubtedly follow.

The man then began the ten-minute drive to Karlee’s house after loading the puppies into his truck. What do you see? Mother followed you the entire way!

They would have to stop frequently along the several-mile trek to give her water breaks, but ultimately it was beneficial.

Finally at the house, it would take the mother about a week to feel secure enough to really enter. But when she did, she was more than content to unwind with her kids!

This simply most likely demonstrates a mother’s willingness to go the extra mile for her kids.