He shook and wailed in agony, hoping that someone would hear his bereaved cries. - Animals Paradise

He shook and wailed in agony, hoping that someone would hear his bereaved cries.

Nobody wants to hear the sound of a weeping puppy in pain, but that’s exactly what a good Samaritan in north Minnesota just heard.
The dreadful sound persisted, so the good spirit stepped outside to investigate. When the individual arrived at the source of the cries and sobs, they discovered a small 4-month-old Shepherd mix dog in excruciating pain. On closer inspection, it appeared that the helpless animal had been left there for weeks, writes pawmypets

The fact that the sweet puppy was crying showed he was alive, if barely. Baylor, the puppy, was discovered in a window well with something wrapped firmly around his abdomen. As the compassionate individual got closer, the tie-out cable was discovered wrapped securely around the puppy’s midsection. The cable was lodged in his waist, causing significant stomach pain. Unfortunately, rescuers believe this heinous deed was carried out on deliberately.

” Baylor’s mom stood by seeing as if to secure him from any further harm,” according to a Facebook article from the Animal Humane Culture. “She’d probably been feeding him to keep him alive.” Baylor was transported to a nearby veterinarian who could remove the wire.

Baylor needed emergency specialized care to repair the extensive damage to his developing organs. Unfortunately, when the inquiry began, the rescue group realized that this was not the first instance of animal cruelty at the residence where Baylor was located.

Baylor’s lower abdomen skin was reattached, and urinary system functioning were restored. Despite the fact that surgical therapy is uncommon, the veterinarians knew what to do, and Baylor survived. He is now recovering in a foster family, but he still has a long journey ahead of him.

I Love My Dog hopes that by publishing tales like this one, people will speak out and spread the word about the prevalence of animal mistreatment. We can make a difference if we work together.

Source: pawmypets.com