When the rescuer sings to him, the rescue bull melts onto her lap. - Animals Paradise

When the rescuer sings to him, the rescue bull melts onto her lap.

Patricia developed a shelter where she can help animals recover via song. At the same time, the animals teach humans how to love.

Patricia and her husband, Vitor, decided they’d had enough of the big city and wanted to reconnect with nature in 2011.

They moved to Camanducaia, Brazil, and established a refuge where her husband can expand health food and she can teach yoga.

The Santuario Vale de Rainha was born.
“Vale da Rainha shelters over a hundred Master Animals: cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats, lamb, birds, dogs, and cats- all of them saved from cruelty,” according to the Shelter’s website. “Following that, the Shelter focuses on emotional recovery with compassion, which also touches us, humans.”

The Sanctuary is a non-profit organization run primarily by volunteers.

It’s an ideal setting for personal growth. They believe and demonstrate that objects do not change, but people do. And transformed people transform the world.
Patricia reacted compassionately and lovingly to the humans who helped operate the refuge as well as the animals they saved.

One day, a rescued bull arrived at their refuge.
He was meant to be slaughtered for meat, but he turned into a wall and fled. He was still crying when he got to the shelter.

“As soon as I greeted him, he glanced at me and stopped weeping,” Patricia explained. “He was still a little apprehensive, but I knew he’d come to trust me.”

Patricia was cautioned by the others that the bull could hurt her because he was violent.
But Patricia knew from the start that this bull would never injure her. Patricia would then look for him in the sanctuary and just chat to him and sing to him.

Patricia kept doing this until the bull lay down beside her and rested his head on her lap. That’s when she realized the bull had faith in her.

Source: pawmypets.com