Stray dogs have a hard and dangerous life, and they have to fight every day to stay alive. - Animals Paradise

Stray dogs have a hard and dangerous life, and they have to fight every day to stay alive.

Lek Lek was a small stray dog that struggled to survive on the chilly streets of Nuwara Eliya. Despite all of these challenges, the canine had a kind disposition and was determined to find a forever family, writes

When Lek Lek was living on the streets of Sri Lanka, she would wave her tail in hopes that someone would see her. Everything finally changed when Lek Chailert and several other Elephant Nature Park rescues saw her.


The party was in Thailand for an elephant research trip when they came across the puppy while driving through Nuwara Eliya. Elephant Nature Park is the home of elephants who are rescued from all types of situations and hardships.

“In the market through fare, where thousands of people pass, we observed a little puppy wagging her tail at pedestrians, encouraging others to take note of her,” they wrote on YouTube.

Lek insisted on staying behind even though the gang was in a hurry and only gave the pup a brief pet before leaving.

Even though they repeatedly brought the dog back, the dog started to follow the group everywhere they went because it was obvious she couldn’t be left behind.


The dog’s life was spared by this tenacity.

“She started to follow us and went quite a distance before we picked her up and took her back to where we had first seen her. She kept on following us till her tenacity captured our hearts.

While they were gone from home, the group tried to find the dog a new home by asking passersby whether anyone was interested in adopting it, but they were unsuccessful. At last, they thought to ask someone nearby.


The party’s driver, a man by the name of Thushara, offered to take care of the puppy. The dog’s perseverance paid off, and eventually she had a family and was safe and sound. The group gave her the name Lek Lek and bid goodbye.

The pooch’s owner purchased her a new blanket and made her a temporary bed out of his luggage while she was staying at the hotel. The adorable animal got the most restful sleep in a long time as a result.