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Pittie misses her puppies and falls in love with some kittens who need a mother.

“Ginger is like a body pillow that breathes and snores for these kittens.”

Even when the babies aren’t her own, Ginger loves being a mom.

Ginger realized she could still use her mothering skills when she met some tiny foster kittens who needed a mom after all of her puppies were adopted by loving families, writes thedodo


Ginger was saved by Susan Hicks about four years ago, and since 2018, she has been taking care of sets of kittens. Ginger gets excited when new kittens come to the house and sniffs all over their box. The kittens love to jump on Ginger and play with her. Sometimes they even try to nurse from her.

These kittens come to Hicks’ house at a time in their lives when they are especially weak and helpless. They are small and weak, and they are still learning how to get around in the world. Ginger gives them the comfort they’re looking for.


It’s common for people who take care of kittens to give them a big stuffed animal to help them feel better. But Hicks has never needed a stuffed toy because of Ginger.

Hicks told The Dodo that Ginger is like a body pillow for these kittens because she is alive, breathes, and snores.


Another good thing about letting the kittens play with Ginger is that they quickly get used to dogs, which is a huge plus for people who want to adopt but already have a dog at home.

People will tell Hicks, “I want one of your kittens because I know they get along well with dogs.”


Ginger is sad when the kittens grow up and have to leave. Hicks can tell that Ginger is sad because of this. But Ginger knows that every time she sees a group of kittens leave, another group is just around the corner, and these kittens will need her love and comfort even more.

Source: thedodo.com