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Dog Rescues Kittens and Becomes the Ideal Foster Parent

Due to his past as a stray dog, Aragon is a canine that understands a thing or two about being saved. So it makes sense that he can tell when an animal needs assistance. He recently discovered a brood of aba.ndoned kittens while out for a walk with his human!
According to Valia of the Orphan Pet and a rescuer with SCARS, “aba.ndoned litters of kittens are such a prevalent phenomenon in Greece, that every time we come across one, our customary reaction is ‘oh, no, not again’. “In just one month, SCARS has saved more than 25 aba.ndoned kittens who were all treated the same way. Dog Aragon was adopted. His mother is a SCARS volunteer who resides close to the Immitos mountain. She discovers empty cardboard boxes on the mountain almost daily, occasionally with blankets and toys still inside, but no animals, writes pintiks

According to Valia, “kittens, puppies, rabbits, and even birds (no joke!) become the food of a hungry fox (the most prevalent predator on the highlands around Athens) in a few hours after they are aba.ndoned.” “The kittens were fortunate this time. We were initially preparing to film the large number of animals left there while walking Aragon when he started tugging us in their way. In essence, Aragon was the rescuer, and he has been a great foster parent from day one.

Watch the video below to see Aragon with his fresh charges.