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A man brings home a starving dog he saved from a remote island.

When an animal caught his attention close to a fishing shack on an isolated island, Wesley White was kayaking off the coast of Belize. He was shocked to discover a malnourished puppy. Despite being skin and bones, the dog was really amiable. Nobody responded when he shouted out for assistance. Wesley was aware that he had to help the dog despite not knowing how it got to the isolated island, writes pintiks

Wesley, however, had a problem. He told the Dodo that he had just 36 hours left before his flight out of Belize. He questioned whether he would be able to acquire the assistance he required in time to save the puppy.

As soon as he returned to the hotel, guests began to assist by fetching dog food cans and the bartender called friends to find a veterinarian. Winston, the rescue Wesley brought to the mainland to see the vet, was only able to stay there for a very brief period of time.

Dr. Mia, the vet, kept in touch with Wesley and informed him that although Wesley will heal, he still needed to find a foster home. Fortunately, he was able to set one up with the help of the Humane Society of Belize. Melanie, Winston’s foster care giver, took him in and over the course of two months updated Wesley on his development, showing him growing and becoming stronger. It was finally time for Wesley to take a flight for Dallas.

But Wesley and Winston’s reunion was still a little way off. Wesley had to make the drive in the middle of January from from Montana to Dallas. And Wesley wondered, would Winston recognize him?

Source: pintiks.com