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The A.bused One-Eyed Dog Is Now Living A Happy Life

There are numerous incidents of abuse all around us, and the most vulnerable are sometimes the ones who suffer, as was the case with Bubbles, a bull terrier puppy who was mercilessly tormented. This tiny child was shot by a heartless man, who also battered her with a hammer and caused her to lose an eye and a chunk of her jaw.
Bubbles was adopted at the age of six months by a dog shelter in Houston, Texas.

This resulted in the loss of his right eye, as well as the death of his jaw and inner ear.

Because of maltreatment, a one-eyed dog is now content.

Kilyn Horton Blanchard and her husband, Ike Blanchard, who own a mobile dog grooming business, volunteered at the shelter in September 2017 and met Bubbles, who was gravely injured when he arrived.

Kilyn stated to Metro:

“His right jaw joint had been damaged, and the broken bones had healed to form a calcified mass.” Bubbles could only open his mouth a half-inch. It’s surprising.

Bubbles was eventually adopted by Kilyn Horton and her husband. She added that as soon as she saw the small dog, she knew she had to take her home.

Kilyn stated,

“She was sleeping in her kennel when we opened it, but she jumped out and laid her head in my breast, yearning to be petted.”

According to Kilyn, Bubbles never lets his disabilities prevent him from enjoying life and tries to urge people to adopt special-needs dogs.

She stated,

“There is a lot of cruelty in the world, but we want people to understand that seeing a wounded or abused shelter dog doesn’t mean it’s damaged; sometimes they’re just fearful; all they need is a little love, and they have a lot to offer back.”

After four years and numerous surgeries to remove the bullet that was still lodged in her body, Bubbles is more than ready to love and live a joyful life, free of the pain of her past.

Her family reports she enjoys children and treats them with both fun and kindness.

Bubbles is currently attending many events with her family in order to interact and talk about her origins, as well as to raise awareness about animal mistreatment, which is all too common, according to Kilyn.

She stated,

“Right now, we’re attempting to persuade her to work with various animal rescue organizations to raise awareness about animal abuse, including visits to schools and discussions with children about good animal care.” We want to hear about your experiences, but we also want to look forward and show others that, while your past may have been painful, your future does not have to be.

We also aim to spread kindness and respect for others.”

This bull terrier has garnered thousands of Instagram followers since she was rescued.