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Deaf and blind senior dog who has never known what it is like to leisurely dance with her new mom

It’s a mother-daughter relationship.
Julie Elrod knew she would need some TLC to make Beanie, a blind and deaf senior dog, settled in her new home when she acquired her.

Beanie was rescued from a “horrible” circumstance when she was 11 years old.

As a result, she wasn’t used to being around individuals as loving as Elrod. Alternatively, being touched. Beanie was also not housebroken and disliked eating.

Elrod had a lot of work ahead of him. How could she teach Beanie to love? Whatever she did had to bring her joy and connection.

That’s when she decided to take up dancing.

Elrod told The Dodo, “I’ve been dancing with Beanie every day since we rescued her from Rescue Dogs Rock in 2018.” “I interact with her by touch because she is blind and deaf.”

Beanie used to flee whenever Elrod tried to pet her before she became accustomed to her dance treatment. Beanie preferred to sit on her own. As a result, Elrod had to pull out the big love guns.

“I now do’slow dance therapy’ every day to hold her close and sway back and forth.” “I sing to her even if she can’t hear me,” Elrod explained.

Beanie has been in her new home for some years now.
So she’s had a lot of practice with love. She looks like a completely different dog now.

“She now completely trusts me, and she relaxes and melts into my body when we slow dance,” Elrod stated. “I make time every day to slow dance with my closest friend and soulmate, regardless of what appointments I have or who I am meant to meet.”

Beanie has been able to connect with individuals around her as a result of Elrod’s dedication.
“She had no idea how to give or receive love, and it was evident that she had no desire in learning about love,” Elrod added. “She knew nothing about housebreaking.” She didn’t like to eat, so we have to hand feed her even today.”

And Beanie reciprocates the gesture.

“She demonstrates her affection for me in a variety of ways,” Elrod explained. “And she’s in my arms nearly 24 hours a day.” She follows me wherever I go.”