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Rescuers Give This Dog With A Facial Tumor An Unforgettable Month

Serenity, a four-year-old husky, was taken in by Patti Dawson, the executive director of the Dallas, Texas-based nonprofit Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform, who adopted her from a San Antonio shelter, writes pintiks
Serenity has Chondrosarcoma, an incurable facial cancer that has destroyed her entire face. The tumor has progressed from his nasal canals to his eye sockets and skull. Even her continual agony couldn’t hinder this stunning husky from exhibiting her personality to the rescuers, who were taken by her attractiveness.
“He went straight to an oncologist, an internist, and a critical care specialist for a thorough assessment.”

Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform was formed to aid in the rescue of stray dogs in South Dallas, but it has since expanded into a haven for dogs with little prospect of adoption.

Patti is a special education teacher who has always taken pride in assisting those in need, as she describes:

“I loathe admitting it, but the unfavorable. Those that are more difficult. Those are our areas of expertise… I knew we’d have to fight until the end to save her because she still had life in her.”

Patti decided to take advantage of her time with Serenity by contacting animal photographer Renee Dowhaniuk and arranging a nice photo shoot. They wanted to highlight the husky’s beauty in each shot, and the woman who photographed numerous shelters believed Serenity had a distinct soul.

Rene went on, ”

“As soon as we took her out of Patti’s truck and laid her down on the ground, her nose began working and her tail was wagging.”

Serenity’s photos quickly went viral, and Patti received over 300 different types of comfort gifts after posting them on her Facebook page. She also stated that she received a lot of hate after posting the photographs, with some urging that she be sacrificed to avoid increasing her agony, but Patti chose to focus on making her happy instead.