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Belky, a crippled senior dog, was abandoned on a highway. Now adopted and healthy

Belky, 15, is enjoying life with her unicorn plushie.

Belky’s situation was dire. The aging, obese dog’s family aba.ndoned her on a Michigan roadway with puncture wounds infested with maggots.

Belky, who couldn’t walk at 15, was saved by a family friend who alerted police. After receiving medical attention, she was ready for a new home, illustrating that senior canines are just as adoptable as younger ones.

Breanna Dalton, who adopted Belky last month, adds, “It’s not their fault they’re old and not doing well.” “They need the same love as puppies.”

After a family friend called the police on July 13, they located Belky on Highway 696 in Saginaw and took her to Animal Care and Control (SCAC). Belky received immediate, life-changing veterinary care there.

Bonnie Kanicki, SCAC director, says it started with a kind Samaritan. “Observe and report. Thankfully, many do.”

Belky’s condition was critical when rescued. SCAC believes Belky was neglected since she had “serious” open sores on her back, substantial hair loss, and was so overweight she couldn’t walk. SCAC is investigating Belky’s prior owner for cruelty.

“She’d been neglected for a long time,” Kanicki explains.

Veterinary professionals shaved her matted fur, cleaned her wounds, and removed the maggots, according to her medical report. She received flea treatment, immunizations, and thyroid medicine to treat her obesity.


“Belky’s recuperation and adoption inspires us to keep doing what we do,” Kanicki told Daily Paws.

Since last month, Belky’s life has improved. Dalton says she’s taking twice-daily thyroid medicines and losing weight.