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Amazing Transformation of Rescued Ginger Kitty

A stray ginger kitty started appearing in someone’s backyard.

He looked like he hadn’t eaten in a long time so they put out their leftover spaghetti for him and he was so hungry that he immediately finished the bowl.


He continued to hang around there and the couple thought that his face had been burned, but actually he was suffering from a bad case of mange.

Mange is caused by an allergic reaction to mite feces, it can be extremely itchy and results in a buildup of dead skin.


It must’ve been so uncomfortable for him, it was quite advanced and needed to be treated as quickly as possible.

Every time they tried to approach him he would run away and hide in the bushes.

Help was at hand because they gave CatManChris a call, he used his experience and had soon trapped the poor thing.


As with most cats that live on the streets, once caught in the trap he panicked and banged his face against the cage which caused large chunks of mange crusting to break off.

This poor kitty was not in a good way.

The next day he was a lot calmer and Chris was able to give him some medication and before long all of the dead skin began to fall off – he was getting better.