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Butcher Helps Stray Dogs By Leaving Leftovers Outside

Most people want to do what they can to help animals that can’t help themselves.

There are some, however, who have the ability to do more and that includes one kind butcher who is helping dogs in an amazing way.

The video below shows the dogs benefiting from his kindness. You see, he owns a butcher shop and he leaves out the leftovers to help stray dogs that are wandering by.

There are many reasons why we might appreciate this video, but perhaps one that most people appreciate is that it seems the dogs are being kind to each other by only taking what they need.

The video seems to have first appeared on TikTok but has since been taken down. Now Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube are where the video lives.


The video is out of Turkey and at least one commenter stated that the dogs are very smart and they interact with people.

He said they are shy and respectful and they don’t simply run into houses, and that can be seen in the video where the dogs are a little hesitant about coming up and grabbing some food out of the basket.


There were also some commenters who were concerned about giving the dog bones but others pointed out that it is more dangerous to give a dog cooked bones because they can splinter easily.

Watch the video below: