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Ukrainian Cat Cafe Stays Open to Care for 20 Kitties During the War

The Cat Café Lviv, located in Lviv, Ukraine, has been open for more than six years and means a lot to everyone that’s involved in it.

A small team of friends have been running the café together since it’s opening and along with the cats have remained one big family.

There are 20 cats in total at the café, and they all enjoy greeting the guests and hanging out with them while they eat or simply unwind.

When asked why he decided not to leave, owner Serhii Oliinyk explained that most of the cats have been living in the café since they were four months old.

“They are like family. We realized that we would never leave our country, that this was the only place where we could see ourselves in the future.”

Even with all the uncertainty of being invaded by Russia, the Cat Cafe Lviv has decided to stay open. Serhii says they will continue to provide a safe space for people to stop by and say hi to the cats, a welcome distraction during difficult times.

He explains there are fewer regular visitors now, but that people are coming from other cities, for hot food, company, and positivity.

“There are three large rooms in our cafe, two of which are located in the basement, so in case of an air raid warning, there is a safe shelter for our guests and cats.”

Serhii considers all the cats living in his café as part of his family, and all he wants is for his family to stay together, regardless of what is happening in the world.