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Woman Secretly Filmed Her Cat ‘Home Alone’ and it Broke Her Heart

Like most of us during the pandemic, Ida Myrin has been spending a lot of time with her cat.

His name is Isola, he’s a three-year-old Ragdoll that has been with Ida since he was 12 weeks old.

Ida explains: “He is kinda spoiled and lazy, but also loving. He always demands our attention and yells every time he doesn’t get it.


He’s always moving so that he can see us both, he loves a good cuddle, but hates faces.”

ida towel

“When he was a kitten he often stopped what he was doing to randomly hit the floor instead and he has NO ball control. We also think that he is a bit claustrophobic. He loves feet. LOVES.”

Iosla has always been very attached to his humans and during lockdown he got used to always having them around. He really wasn’t happy when they were working or focusing their attention on other things.

secretly filmed

Ida realized that he was loving the fact that his humans were now at home most of the time, all that extra attention must be lovely when you’re used to being ‘human free’ during the day.

home alone

Then Ida had the idea of secretly filming him when he was left alone in the apartment for less than an hour.

She couldn’t believe her eyes when she played back the video.

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At first she laughed, especially when he booped the camera, but after that what she saw what he did and heard his cries, it was truly heartbreaking.

head booped

So Ida decided to post the video on social media, and she received a lot of comments telling her to get a second cat so that Isola wouldn’t feel so lonely.