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California Catio Offers Therapeutic Home to Rescued Feral Cats and Family

A spectacular “catio” in Riverside, California, is giving everyone “goals” on TikTok. The catio is home to a family of cats that went from street cats to “catio cats.” Inside the home, a little door opens up inside a window, so it’s easy to keep watch on all the kitty shenanigans. Plus, they can come and go from the house.

As you can see, this is no ordinary catio, but decked out in everything a cat could want. It’s “kitty purradise,” they say, constructed in 5 days for about $1200. Not bad at all, considering the dreamy result!

Everywhere you look, there are plenty of toys and hiding places, cat trees, plush giant flowers, hammocks, a rope walkway, bridges to explore, and more.

To Yazmin and her husband, it’s the “best kind of therapy” to go out on the catio.

The Catio is Home to Mr. Snow and Other Feral Cats

The kitty residents of the catio are all rescues, part of ongoing TNR, trap, neuter, and release efforts in the community. However, these lucky cats are coming in off the streets and protected from danger. As with cats in Cat Cafés, these cats can gradually become used to socializing with and trusting people without being caged. So, it seems like a great idea!

It started in 2011 when Yazmin found Mr. Snow. When Snow’s former hoomans had a baby, they took him to a mechanic shop to live. Then, he ran away, becoming feral.

Initially, Yazmin intended to TNR Snow, who was unfriendly, hissing, spitting, and swatting. However, he also needed extensive medical care and is FIV positive.

“No one wanted a semi-feral FIV positive cat. For one year, we searched for a forever home,” she explained on Instagram. Then, she and her husband fell in love and “made room in our tiny home for him and his buddy, Leonne.”

Yazmin and Mr. Snow

Yazmin and Mr. Snow via TikTok

A Voice for Feral Kitties

Over time, the attention-loving Snow became the “face of the shop” and a “voice for feral kitties surviving in the streets.” Also, he’s a voice for cats who are FIV+ and living their best lives. As we’ve shared before, most cats with FIV lead normal, healthy lives and show no symptoms for many years (if at all). 

This stylish cat often wears bow ties, sunglasses, and outrageous costumes as one of the “meowdals” for the business.

“He’s a silly, sassy, loving boy who showed us that with love, patience, compassion, feral kitties can become indoor kitties,” she says. “He is my special kitty, my soulmate, and keeps me going in the toughest times of TNR,” she continued.

Mr. Snow

Lord Snow

Lord Snow’s bestie since day one is Luna Mae, a pit bull and her special cuddly “hippo.”🦛

“The bestest of furrieds since day 1 ♥️. When we rescued these babies, we never imagined they’d love each other so much. We are so lucky to be part of their beautiful friendship♥️”

Mr. Snow and Pit Bull Luna

Mr. Snow and Pit Bull Luna

Like Snow, the family rescued Luna, who needed medical attention from bite wounds. Possibly, she was a “bait dog” exploited in illegal dogfighting. However, she’s now an “aggressive snuggler” who carries huge plush toys to help her feel secure.

To help with the ongoing costs of TNR efforts, both locally and throughout the US, Yazmin offers handmade items for pets at Mr. Snow’s Bow Ties. 

“I started this shop in hopes that we could make just enough to continue feeding our ferals. Thanks to your support, it has flourished into a small business! I am very fortunate to have a platform where I can continue to help others in our community with TNR as well as educate and advocate for feral cats,” she writes.

Catio and Mr. Snow the formerly feral cat

Mr. Snow

What an idyllic life thanks to this family’s incredible creativity and compassion. You can follow Lord Snow and the catio cats on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. 

A look at the Catio