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Boy Writes Emotional Letters To His Dog He Left At A Shelter Asking To Be Taken Care Of

It is no secret that dogs are man’s best friend, since they tend to have a very particular link with people due to their devotion and enormous affection. Like this touching story about a little child who sends letters to his dog, which he was forced to abandon in a shelter due to family troubles.

Many people were moved by the boy’s story because he knew the meaning of love and caring for his pet at the little age of ten. Feelings that drove him to make the painful decision to surrender him to the Pergatuzoo Shelter in Mexico, where he might be safe from his father’s cruelty.

Months ago, the youngster chose to ditch his pal Simón at the shelter’s door, accompanied by a heartfelt letter explaining his decision.

In the letter, he describes a sequence of injustices that his loyal companion has faced, and he also requests the shelter’s proprietors to look after him.

He also says his goodbyes to his pet and asks the shelter personnel not to give him up for adoption since he pledges to return for him when he grows up.

The following is an extract from the letter:

“I’ll leave Simón to you; he’s my dog, and I don’t want my father to strike him because he’s hungry.” For his tortillas, he handed you my savings».

The youngster also requests that his puppy’s new carers not harm him, since he suffered greatly at home due to his father’s abuse. The small child was concerned about Simón’s well-being, but he knew he couldn’t shield him from his father’s injustices.

The letter went on to say:

“Don’t strike him since he is hit a much by my father.” Simon is a voracious eater. Don’t take him away; I’ll come for Simon when he grows up ».

The shelter posted the touching story on Facebook in the hopes of locating Simón’s owner and family.

His tale quickly went viral, breaking the hearts of social media users as the child demonstrated that he loved his dog and simply wanted to relieve him of agony.

Simón grew and flourished over time, and he still lives with the shelter’s proprietors, who provide him with the required care.

Simón is ecstatic about his new life; he runs about and plays at the shelter, making new canine friends all the time.

Despite the passage of time, the youngster remembers his loving and loyal companion, and another letter he left at the shelter was just discovered.