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Kitten is So Eager for Attention She Starts Hugging Every Cat and Dog She Comes Across

A kitten was so eager for attention that she started hugging every cat and dog she came across.

Annie, a 3-week-old dilute orange tabby, was brought into a vet clinic, needing supportive care and a lot of TLC. She was the sole survivor of her litter and showed incredible will to live.

“My daughter (a vet tech at the clinic) kept Annie fed and warm under her desk, and then brought her home for nighttime care and feedings,” Cindy Congdon, a feline foster carer based in Southeastern Idaho, told Love Meow.

“Annie needed to be fed about every 3-4 hours around the clock, so I took care of Annie on the days my daughter worked so she could get some sleep.”

Between feedings, Annie conked out in her cushy, heated nest with a soft blanket and a cuddle toy to ensure optimal comfort. She craved constant affection from her people, and produced some big purrs out of her tiny body.

“She loved attention and playtime with her human and dog friends. My daughter’s Golden Retriever, Jax, and my Great Pyrenees, Marie, loved watching out for baby Annie, and she followed them around like a younger sibling,” Cindy shared with Love Meow.

Annie was about the size of a large canine paw, but her display of bravery was stupendous as she tried to wrestle the dogs’ faces, chase their tails, and pounce on them with all her might. After a play session, she’d nuzzle up to a fluffy dog belly for a quick cat snooze.

The little spitfire kept both gentle giants on their toes with her unbridled energy and endless mischief-making. She demanded play and cuddles, and never lacked an ounce of sass.

During that time, Cindy had another litter in her care that had been born to a semi-feral cat. The five sweet, fluffy black and white kittens were one week younger than Annie.

Watch Annie and her journey in this cute video:

“A single kitten needs a lot of playtime, and needs to learn critical social skills that are best learned from other kittens. So, when Annie was old enough to be vaccinated, we introduced her to Stormy (the cat mom) and the Raindrops (the kittens).”

Annie was beyond thrilled seeing other kittens her size, and unleashed her zoomies in the foster room, while the other five were nonplused by her vigor. “They mostly watched her play with their toys and run around the kitten room.”

Annie, a very busy body, reveled in having playmates to run around and tumble with. She began to learn limits and boundaries, and her innate desire to bite and scratch Cindy’s hands lessened.

“Soon, she led the Raindrops out of their room and into my room across the hall, and I began finding them all snuggled up together in Annie’s carrier, or in her basket,” Cindy shared.

“Annie and the Raindrops are inseparable now. They chase each other, explore together, groom each other, and curl up together to sleep.” The sweet feline family will soon be ready for adoption.

The former lone kitten has blossomed into a rambunctious young cat who keeps her foster siblings well groomed, and looks out for them like a big sis.

“I’m hoping that Annie will get adopted with one of her buddies. It’s been a joy to see how far she has come, and how much she loves her new friends.”