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Sick Dog Is So Happy To See His Best Friend Again

Samantha Zimmer and her fiancé, George Dix decided to help two stray dogs after watching a post on Facebook about them. One of the dogs got hit by a car.

So sad!

Samantha and George drove immediately and arrived at the scene. They saw Corey, a small dog laying on the road.

“We secured Corey first and then went to recover Matthew from the ditch,” Zimmer told The Dodo. “The ditch was holding water, so we had to slide him up further on the bank to get him out safely. When we approached him at first, his breathing was pretty normal and he was wagging his tail. We knew that he was grateful that we found him … It was a huge relief when we saw him wag his tail. We knew then that he was a fighter.”

Dogs were sent to the hospital. They were so happy to see each other again.

“Matthew was so excited to see Corey,” Zimmer said. “The moment he realized it was his bud Corey, he started wagging his tail. He wanted to get up and closer to Corey, so he was scooting. We had to get Matthew to sit down and relax. Eventually, they both settled in for a nap for the car ride to Matthew’s foster home.”

Now they are healthy but Matthew still needs care and attention.