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Baron And Alvin; Just A Dog And A Cat Who Cannot Stay Away From Each-Other

Best friends aren’t often exactly alike. Many times what brings two souls together is the balance between their polar opposites.

Meet Baron, the German Shepherd and his best bud, Alvin, a domestic tuxedo cat!

Baron’s mom originally wasn’t allowed a dog where she lived, but citing that cats “are the next best thing because I love animals”, she was happy to take Alvin home from the Humane Society nearby. Alvin was overjoyed when he was finally able to have a sibling, even if that brother quickly outgrew him.

The pair are quite characters even when flying solo.

When Baron began having health issues and experienced small seizures, Alvin was right there to comfort him with soothing grooming. As soon as the caring cat begins the repetitive licking, the trance-like effect can be seen on Baron’s face immediately.

Alvin took to calming Baron down and has not stopped since, even after medication has prevented more episodes. The two are frequently found napping together or just chilling out. Although there are other canines on the property, these buddies seems to gravitate towards each other automatically.

The 4-year-old pups owners started their own dog training business, Towse K9 Solutions in Chandler, Arizona in 2011, so having numerous animals around isn’t uncommon.

Mom Eliza assures everyone they aren’t always lovey-dovey with each other, just as human siblings aren’t. But even though the duo may swat half-heartedly or pounce just out of reach, the ending is always the same; snuggles, grooming and a well deserved nap.