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Kitten Adoption Comes With Surprise Marriage Proposal

It’s always exciting at a rescue facility on adoption day. Volunteers and fosters happily see their charges off as they begin their next adventures. And in many cases, they are treated to photos and updates of the cats in their new homes. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the new family only solidifies that they made the right choice for a forever home. What doesn’t happen often is an extra surprise marriage proposal that accompanies the adoption!

But when a Pittsburgh couple adopted a young grey kitten named Molly, the shocked woman was presented with a marriage proposal too. 
Mike Lovely and Vanessa Petrasko had made the wise decision to adopt a kitten from a local shelter. And after being together since 2016, Mike decided it was the purrfect time to take another life altering step. So when they arrived at Animal Friends to pick up their new family member he had a surprise planned. Even better? The staff had cameras ready to record the momentous occasion.
While Vanessa sat patiently waiting, Mike approached her with the kitten and bent down on one knee.
It’s not clear if Molly had a message or perhaps ring tied to her collar or Mike popped the question himself, but it’s clear Vanessa said “yes”!
But the most important thing in the entire situation, is kitten Molly.
Was she upset that the center of attention was being taken away from her? From the photo Vanessa posted on Facebook, I’d say this family is going to get along just fine. Congratulations on the adoption and the engagement! Mike, you may have set the bar a bit high with this marriage proposal, but we applaud you for it.