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His Family Gave Him A Kitten To Look After, But His Cats And Dogs Adopted Him

A family welcomed a kitten into their home with the intention of caring for it and giving a foster home, but their cats and dogs unexpectedly took it under their wing. After viewing it on the internet, a kind-hearted person rescued the beautiful gray cat early this year.

The small child was alone, aba.ndoned, and in urgent need of assistance, so the dad decided to seek aid from a rescue organization, and Un Chat à la Fois, a rescue facility in Quebec, Canada, did not hesitate to accept him.

The volunteers calculated that the kitten, whose they called Felix, was around five weeks old and had a variety of health issues when they arrived.


Un Chat à la Fois creator Marie Simard told Love Meow:

“He was so young for his age because his tummy was full with worms.”

Felix’s significant health problems made him feel frail and unwell after arriving at the rescue facility, which worried everyone.

Felix’s recuperation was to begin in the comfort of a loving home, so Meg, a volunteer, stepped in to help. As a result, she informed the group that she wanted to take him to her caring and comfortable house.

The woman, a dedicated animal lover, keeps dogs, cats, rats, and even numerous chickens in her yard. One of Felix’s pets, Chucky, died months before he was discovered, leaving Casper, another dog and Chucky’s best buddy, distraught.

When Felix eventually arrived at his new foster home, he immediately felt at ease and interacted with his family, like if he were his own. Despite the fact that everyone enjoyed it, the chemistry between Felix and Casper was obvious from the start, and the dog fell in love with his new little companion.


Casper and Felix struck up an instant bond and began hugging, playing together, and sleeping together as soon as they met.

Marie said,

“Felix was biting Casper’s ears and toes while battling with his tail. Casper was enamored with it and let her do anything she wanted with it. Felix was becoming a favorite of Casper’s. He’d lost his morning sparring partner and evening snuggle buddy, but Felix quickly filled his place.

The remainder of the huge furry family was not left behind, and the newcomer was soon taken under their care as well. The resident cats of Meg’s residence showed her the toys and let them pet them when required, which was like a welcome.

Felix was kind to everyone he met, and he quickly became a beloved member of the family.

Felix’s ‘teacher’ was Runty, a tabby cat who taught him how to be a polite cat and allowed him wrap her in her arms anytime she wished.

Meg said,

“When Felix gets very enthusiastic, he runs and makes the cutest meows. He has no fear of anything.”

Artillero, a lovable 7-year-old chocolate brown dog, was overjoyed to share his blanket with his new feline companion.

Felix enjoys chasing Trunks the cat around the kitchen, and it remains one of his favorite pastimes despite the passage of time.

He also likes spending time with Zelda, an 8-year-old cat who adores sitting with the family’s youngest member.

When it came time to locate Felix a permanent home, everyone found he had already been found by the kitten.

Marie have this to tell:

“Felix’s foster family formally adopted him. From the beginning, everyone knew he was a member of the family.

Felix has grown into a young, attractive cat with a lot of love to give, and he greets visitors with a little smile.


Felix and his closest buddy and brother Casper, who are inseparable, hide under the blankets every night as if they were telling stories before going to sleep.

Felix is now a nine-month-old adult cat that wears a lovely grin all the time.