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Check Out This Adorable Dog Who Is The Fun Show At His House

Life is a fun ride if you let it be. It is all about the way we see and accept life. There is always that one friend who is the fun blast in every group of friends who bring in the dorky and adorable energy into any situation. This type of people live a happy and a simple life, most importantly, they make others’ time very fun as well.

Now, let’s convert this into the world of doggies, even though you find dogs adorable, playful, and positive, this doggo brings in the extra fun into every place he is in. Meet Kiko, who is the funniest show of this doggy group. Living together with Mika, Tofu, and Kaya, this 9 month old dog loves to give his own quirky pose in photos. Scroll down to read more about this fun train and to see if you have ever seen a dog like this in the photos below.

This might look as if it is edited. There are no other dogs known to be doing this in photos. Kiko sits facing his back to the camera, only to twist his neck all the way to face the camera again! His human owner Ashleigh Macpherson takes their pictures and Kiko knows exactly what to do whenever they are called in for a picture.

It is very funny to see this adorable pup doing this and it is even more quirky to see that he too is enjoying his posing with a sense of humor! Let us know what you think about Kiko in the comments section below.