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The Spider That Was Rescued Is The Size Of A Pug

People who work as animal rescuers witness a wide range of bizarre rescues, but one woman in Australia outdid them all when she saved Charlotte the spider.

Someone had a spider they were attempting to kill, and it wasn’t just any spider, according to the woman who runs Barnyard Betty’s Rescue.

Many people were horrified when they saw Charlotte’s photo, but Barnyard Betty’s Rescue knows that all animals deserve love and care, even if they appear strange or frightening.

The organization noted, “All creatures large and little are welcome here at Barnyard Betty’s Rescue, a safe sanctuary no matter how you appear.”

Charlotte, as the spider was later dubbed, is arguably the largest huntsman spider ever photographed. Charlotte was saved from being killed by the lady, who then released her on the rescue’s farm.

Huntsman spiders are little, measuring around 5 inches wide, and are not harmful. Charlotte may appear threatening, yet all she wants is to live a happy and safe life.

“She was a lovely, quiet spider, not aggressive in the least,” the rescue posted on Facebook. “Like most spiders, she just wanted to go about her job eating bugs and living in peace.” “She didn’t need to be slain, and she still doesn’t! Spiders are such misunderstood creatures!”