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After Being Rescued, A Pint-Sized Kitten Insists On Being A Shoulder Cat

In Montreal, Canada, a litter of orphaned kittens was discovered and taken to a shelter. One of them was considerably smaller than the rest, but she was a formidable opponent. Bambie is arrived!

The other kittens had been nursed back to health, but because Bambie was the runt of the litter, she was still in need, so the shelter staff contacted Chatons Orphelins Montréal to see if they could assist.

They agreed to assist her and provided her with every possible medical assistance. “Her growth was slowed, and her body was little in comparison to her head.” As a result, they placed her on GI medicine, and she began to gain weight. Antibiotics and vitamins were then given to her to help her battle the disease.

Bambie may have been little, but she was a warrior who never gave up and continued purring. “She responded extremely well to the therapy and began to feel better.”

She is barely half the size of other kittens her age when she is eight weeks old, but it didn’t stop her from doing everything kittens her age should do.

The medicine worked wonders for Bambie, and her personality flourished as a result. When she isn’t perched on a cat tree, she may be seen perched on her human’s shoulders, surveying her surroundings.

“She enjoys climbing up on shoulders and snuggling in the crook of the neck. She will sneak into whatever location she can, yet she will always stay near to her humans.”


“She has the look of a charming gremlin with her fuzzy hair and large eyes,” one of her caretakers remarked.

Bambie enjoyed snuggling with her saviors, but she really enjoyed riding on their backs. “When she’s snuggled with her humans, it gives her a lot of comfort. She like to sleep beside them, beneath a blanket.”

She developed into a fluffy, beautiful cat after two months in foster care and was ready for her new journey.

Bambie was adored by the other rescued kittens in her foster home, and two months later, she’s a fluffy, beautiful cat that is healthy and ready for whatever life has in store for her.

This lovely tabby girl was put up for adoption, and she was adopted almost immediately by a loving family.

Bambie is ecstatic about her new life with her forever family, especially the shoulder rides and hugs!