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Kitty Nora Jean The Earless Queen Will Warm Your Heart

We live in a world that sometimes feels like all hope is lost. And because of it, I believe it’s one of the many reasons why people are starting to avoid or cut out social media entirely. But, for us cat lovers, we often turn to social media in hopes of seeing photos of cute kitty cats to hopefully spread some joy into our days and maybe even make us smile.

For one absolutely adorable kitty named Nora Jean—AKA Nora Jean the Earless Queen—she’s sure to brighten your day. I found her while scrolling on Instagram, and instantly knew I needed to feature her on the site so that others could bask in her radiant glow and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Her dedicated cat parents were gracious enough to answer my questions about her, so keep reading to learn all about this unique feline who will warm your heart.

She is the MOST chill cat I’ve ever met. She has no fear, no self-preservation whatsoever. She just walks up to dogs, cats, and people. She sleeps like 23 hours per day. Nothing upsets her.