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Orphaned Pit Bull Puppies Are Adopted By A Corgi Mom

Sara is saved from the a puppy farm and adopted by No Dog Left Behind Minnesota after giving birth to several litters. She were pregnant when she was rescued, and had been abandoned by the puppy farm for being a “bad mom” — but once her babies were born, her rescuers discovered that wasn’t the case at all.

Stephanie Easley, a volunteer with No Dog Left Behind Minnesota, told The Dodo, “She has been a great mom from the beginning.” “She is constantly caring for and monitoring her puppies. She accepts, and even places, her puppies in the care of her foster family, and inspects them before returning them to the pool.”

Whenever a litter of puppies was discovered alone under an abandoned building, No Dog Left Behind Minnesota took them in and immediately set about providing them with the finest care possible. They started bottle-feeding them, but the puppies were still so tiny and delicate. Their rescuers were concerned that they needed more specialist treatment, which is when Sara came to mind.

“The rescue director has the skills and knowledge to try mixing the two litters together,” Easley explained. “Because of Sara’s maternal instincts, the director thought she would be an excellent choice.”

The rescuers decided to give the four small babies the best chance possible by giving them to Sara in the hopes that she would care for them alongside her own puppies. They weren’t sure if it would work, but Sara knew just what to do the moment she met the new puppies.

“She has assumed all parental responsibilities,” Easley said.

Sara has been feeding, cleaning, and caring for the puppies in the same way that she does for her own. She accepted the small puppies into her household, and they are now all her babies, whether or not she gave birth to them. Despite the fact that her original puppies are older and larger than the new arrivals, they have totally welcomed their new siblings and act as if they have always been a family.

“Both litters of pups function as one… which is extremely unusual given the age and developmental differences,” Easley explained. “The corgi puppies are even more compassionate with their orphaned siblings. They all sleep in one big pile.”

Unfortunately, one of the four puppies was simply too frail to survive, but the other three are surviving and growing by the day, thanks to Sara. While no one knows what breed they are, it is speculated that they are pit bull puppies, but only time will tell as they develop.

“They are constantly acquiring weight and moving around,” Easley explained. “They’re getting more puppy-like by the day!”

The pups are no longer orphans, thanks to Sara’s love and maternal instincts, and instead have a large, caring family that will help them grow and learn until it’s time for them to go out and find the finest permanent homes.

“No Dog Left Behind Minnesota would want to express how grateful we are to the fosters of both litters,” Easley added. “They absolutely uprooted their life to care for all of the dogs involved, and they have been working together to keep caring!”