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People Couldn’t Tell What Kind of Stray Cat He Was Because He Was in Such Bad Shape

Pamela Latham and her family were standing in their driveway a few weeks ago when they observed an animal slowly approaching them. They had no idea what he was at first and were taken aback when they discovered he was a cat.

The unfortunate cat appeared to have been in a fight or been hit by a car, and his state was awful. Latham realized right away that if she left him outside in that state, he wouldn’t make it, so she rushed him inside and did her best to clean him up. She made him a cozy bed to sleep on, and the next day she rushed him to the vet, praying that it wasn’t too late.

Even the vet was taken aback by Latham’s condition when he arrived at the hospital with the cat. When the vet asked Latham what the cat’s name was, she responded that she’d just discovered him and hadn’t had a chance to name him yet; as a result, the vet decided to name him Battle Cat, which stuck.

Battle Cat had nearly every injury imaginable, according to the vet who examined him. He had puncture wounds all over his body that had become infected, particularly on his face. He was lost a lot of furs, fleas, and ticks were all over him, he had a damaged eardrum and a fever, and his eyes were almost shut. Battle Cat was a complete wreck, but the doctor remained optimistic that he would be able to heal completely — but no one could have guessed how quickly he would do so.

Battle Cat was taken home by Latham to continue his therapy and rehabilitation, and he was already looking and feeling much better after just a few days. When he was discovered, he was quite thin, and Latham urged him to eat and drink as much as he wanted in the hopes of gaining some much-needed weight.

Battle Cat thrived so well in his new home that he didn’t even appear like the same cat 10 days after he was discovered.

Latham told The Dodo, “I had some worries that he would make it, but I kept my fingers crossed and he went through with flying colors.” “He still had a lot of hair loss, which the vet says is due to the severe infection, but he should have a full coat again soon,” says the owner.

Latham chose the name Lazarus for him, but everyone still refers to him as Battle Cat as a reminder of how far he’s come. He’s one of the sweetest cats Latham has ever encountered, despite everything he’s been through. He enjoys being petted and even enjoys vehicle drives with his new mother. He is a true illustration of how resilient animals can be after surviving on the streets and almost dying.

“What a sweetheart he is. Latham remarked, “I couldn’t ask for a more humble, easygoing, laid-back cat.”

Most people would have dismissed Battle Cat as a hopeless case. Latham, on the other hand, felt he earned a shot, and now he’s blossoming into the sweetest, friendliest cat, and his new mom can’t wait to see how far he’ll come on his road to recovery.