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Dog That Spent 10 Years In A Shelter Finally Gets His Forever Home

Tofu, a 14-year-old dog who no one seemed interested in adopting, was rescued from an abusive home by some caring individuals and spent ten years in a shelter. Unfortunately, owing to cancer, one of the elder dog’s hind legs had to be amputated, and he also lost his sight as he grew older.

Many of the shelter employees who knew Tofu assumed he would spend the remainder of his life there. All of that changed when Danila came, who fell in love with the adorable dog and provided him with a loving home as well as a second shot at happiness.

According to the woman, who spoke to Bored Panda,

“One lovely day, I awoke and contacted a shelter coordinator, Carol, a friend of mine, to inquire about the oldest dog available for adoption. She texted me a photo of Tofu right away. He was fourteen years old, blind, and had recently had a leg amputated due to cancer.”

The woman claims that adopting a crippled, aged, and deaf dog was always at the back of her mind. She didn’t have to stuff all of her issues into one dog, and it wasn’t something she intended to do in the future.

Danila already has five dogs in her family, but after much deliberation with her husband, they decided to give Tofu his permanent home; he deserved it.

Daniel remembers:

“I had to wait a month after agreeing to adopt him for him to recuperate from his limb amputation surgery and some other health conditions for which he was being treated.” He was previously given a collar, clothing, a doghouse, and toys while he waited».

Tofu, for one, acclimated well to his new surroundings, learning to navigate the house without colliding with objects or the wall. The dog can sense that something miraculous has happened after being saved from maltreatment and spending ten years in a shelter, and that he will now be really happy for the rest of his life.

Danielle explains:

“Sometimes I look at him and wonder how he could have been treated horribly in the past, because he is such a powerful, kind, and loving dog.” Whoever did this has no idea what a lovely dog they have lost. The presence of tofu in our home is a blessing from God.”

Unfortunately, many elderly and infirm pets do not have this possibility at their age. However, every dog, regardless of age or health, is capable of delivering a lot of love and loyalty.