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Street Kitten Makes The Most Beautiful Transformation When She Finds Someone Who Loves Her

Nur Hamizah Had, a nice woman who spotted her wandering in her backyard, covered in wounds and bruised by life on the streets, saved this defenseless cat from the streets. She was losing her fur and smelling horrible.

The Malaysian woman is an avid animal lover, and when she came across the kitten, she chose to assist her and welcome her into her house.

Meimei, the kitten, received the required treatment from her new adoptive mother to cure the scars on her body as well as all the love she needed to mend her spirit; after 5 months, the difference in her was astounding.

Meimei was hiding behind a vehicle when Nur discovered her in her backyard. He was in excruciating pain, and she was suffering from skin infections, sores, and fungus, in addition to other health issues.

According to Nur, who spoke to The Dodo,

“She appeared to be in desperate need of assistance and implored me to assist her.” She had such an impact on me the first time I saw her. ‘If she survives, I will take care of her and love her as much as she can,’ I told myself.

The kitten was filthy and coated in insects, and her leg was badly damaged, necessitating immediate veterinarian treatment.

Meimei’s adoptive mother recalls approaching the woman on her own in order to be saved and allowing her to take her in a box to be attended to.

When Nur eventually brought Meimei to the vet and learned that she weighed only 2 kilos, was severely emaciated, and had a bad prognosis, she worked tirelessly to help her new buddy.

She was confident that if the kitten recovered, she would shower her with love and provide her with a home, ensuring that she would be content for the rest of her life.

Nur loves and cares for Meimei, who now has an indoor cat life. Her lovely white fur has grown back, and she appears to be in good spirits. She is a gorgeous spoilt kitten who currently weighs around 6 kilos and has totally recovered her health.

Meimei is a cheerful kitten who likes eating, taking long naps, and doing all the traditional feline activities, even if she is still a bit wary of people she doesn’t know.

The woman promises that she will always be willing to aid any animal in need, and she is pleased to have met Meimei that day and now considers her a family member. Nur and the kitten have a wonderful and beautiful relationship.