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Meet Carrot The Anxiety Giving Cat

With the lockdown situations and staying home all the time, it’s obvious for people to get insane. The news we hear is also very disturbing, every day there are a number of deaths due to the virus and it’s very disheartening to hear them. To relax their mind many people mostly look at funny pictures on the internet.  And it’s no surprise why this cat went viral. In the photo there’s a tag in the fridge saying ‘ Check the cat arm b4 closing’ and it’s funny how there’s an arm of a cat reaching for something tasty inside the fridge.

Carrot’s owner had spoken with the Bored Panda, and they had said a lot about their loving Carrot.  They had said that someone had found the from a gas station and had brought it to a hospital where one of their best friends works. And he had been taken for foster by someone but had they had given him back. Then the cat has been living in the hospital for some time. And when their friend had been looking after the cat she had brought the cat to their place.More info: Instagram

#1.Here’s the sneaky star cat Carrot.

They had said that the cat was lovely and they had taken to foster him and before even a week was gone they had adopted Carrot. And they had said that he was their first cat and they feel lucky for having him. They had also explained how energized Carrot is. As they had said he’s very playful and loves to play a lot. And he also has a toy tiger from his small age which is very fond of. Also that he has separate nap places in each room according to which room they are in. Also that he’s a super foodie.

And about the viral went photo, they had said that the cats consider it as a game to put his arm through the crack and try to catch them when they are there. She has clearly said that he wasn’t hurt a single time and they are very careful about it and even have put that remainder tag too. Also that it was not staged and it was coincident that he had put his hand when the tag was there and then they had taken the photo. And had said that if they wanted to stage it they surely wouldn’t leave their fridge like that.