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These Dogs Are Having The Nicest Birthday Celebration Ever

The most nice boys of all time are a wonderful group of puppies. Lending Paws Pet Care’s dogs recently celebrated a birthday party for one of the nursery’s members in the most friendly way possible.

The kennel’s owner, Aubrey Thweatt, has hosted a special celebration for each of the dogs’ birthdays. She looks to every detail, including sweets, party décor, and lovely pictures to commemorate the occasion.

According to Aubrey, who spoke with The Dodo,

“I started collecting birthday pictures and goodies with my own dogs, so when one of my clients’ dogs had a birthday, they’d send treats for the whole family. From there, it was all downhill from there.

When it comes to taking pictures at the birthday celebration, the dogs are quite courteous. Each one is in its proper position, and they may even wear a cute party hat to help create the atmosphere.

Aubrey took a shot of Rosemary, a lovely pit bull, celebrating her fourth birthday as he usually does, not expecting it to go viral; one of the dogs’ parents chose to publish the photo on his Twitter account.

Everyone who saw the photo was charmed by the adorable animals who posed with their party hats and sat like experts; it was too cute.

They had a lot of fun, according to Aubrey. These furry guys are used to shooting group pictures since they’ve been doing it for a long time.

She keeps track of the following:

“They’ve been coming for a long time. Every day, we snap group photographs to get them acclimated to it. For everything, we’sit and remain’ ».

Every day together is a lot of fun.

Aubrey continued:

“We had a lot of fun, and kids know what ‘picture time!’ means! They’re all sprinting towards the direction I’m walking to get a chair.

When the dogs are in the nursery, they are the proprietors of the home, and they are free to play in the yard for lengthy periods of time, snooze, or eat wonderful goodies. They’ve known one other for a long time and are close friends; they love spending time in the nursery together.

Aubrey went on to say:

It is for them that I do everything. They have the entire home to themselves, and I am here to clean up after them and make sure they have enough of playing and socialization.