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This Loving Dwarf Horse Has A Heart Of Gold

Shammy is one of a kind. At 5 months old, this miniature horse only weighs in at 50 pounds and 20 inches tall. He may be short, but that’s because he has a rare condition of dwarfism that restrains his growth. But what he lacks in size he makes up for in heart. According to his doting mother, Michele Puryear, he is almost like a dog. He prefers to be with her rather than his own mother. He follows her around and cuddles whenever he needs to relax.

Unfortunately, his condition will inevitably cause him problems as he grows old because his body isn’t growing as fast as his internal organ. Because of his hindered growth, this may also cause arthritis. Knowing all these possibilities, all Michele wants is to have him pain-free. Well, that’s all we could ever wish for Shammy.