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Dog Does Not Stop Smiling After Her Rescuers Removed The Excess Hair

Some incidences of animal neglect and cruelty are so severe that they leave deep wounds in the spirit and heart. But every rescued dog is loved and cared for by kind humans, giving us hope for a brighter future. Holland, a sweet puppy, is one of those rescues that demonstrates how rewarding it is to help animals and how glad they are to be helped.

Holland was abandoned in a shelter in Chicago (USA). She was underweight and coated in a thick layer of hair that was utterly filthy. The poor tiny puppy was terrified.

Fortunately, the Trio Animal Foundation entered his life, a non-profit organization that assists rescue centers and shelters in paying medical fees for abandoned animals and encourages appropriate sterilization and adoption.

Holland was saved by the group, and she was promptly cared for. Her first step was to remove the dog from the matted hair and muck that had become a dreadful burden for her to carry.

Holland had to be sedated since getting all that excess hair out was so difficult and time-consuming. She had bruises, wounds, and gouges all over her body, but the crew was relieved to find that the dog had no other major health issues following an assessment.

The dog had become accustomed to the weight of the hair and found it difficult to move without it.

But with the care and love of the team, Holland managed to relearn how to walk.

After receiving therapy to repair her entire body, it was time to address her mental issues as well.

Holland has suffered significantly due to a lack of human interaction and socialization.