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A Dog Left Out To Drown Was Rescued And Gets A New Family

One of the saddest things that we have to face is the loss of our loved pets. Seeing them leave us is not easy and maybe that’s why some people just leave their old and ill pets to die. Here is such a story of Bella, a German Shepherd dog of 10 years. She had been left out to get drowned in the Trent River near Long lane, Farndon, nearby Newar. Ans a rock was tied on to her neck and the rock was put into the water.

She was left out to get drown in a river

Jane Harper and Joanne Bellamy, dog-walkers had seen him by chance

The rock that was tied on to her neck

After being rescued Bella had been taken to a vet for treatments

And then was transferred to RSPCA care

Bella had been very lucky to survive. After being examined by the vets it was told that she had some health problems too. And after she was taken to the RSPCA care, the Nottingham Radcliffe Animal Center Staff had taken good care of Bella. And investigations to find the culprits were started by the animal welfare charity and the police.

After being in the care for more than a year she had recovered well and was ready for a forever home. Maggie Mellish and Charlie Douglas, a retired couple had stepped forward to give Bella a forever home and loads of love. Bello who is now 11 years had found a very loving couple to take care of her. Even earlier the couple had taken care of dogs that are Shephard-type. And the dog they had passed away a few years before and they wanted to take Bella. When Bella was being moved her rescuers, Jane and Joanne were also invited to the happy occasion.

Maggie had said that for the 30 years that were passed they had taken care of 3 Shephard-type dogs. And that their dog Tia/Luna who was a rescue had died 2 years before and their daughter, Clare Lusher’s dog Flame had died a year before. So after they had seen Bella even their daughter had said them to take her. Also had said that they are willing to finance all the medical needs of Bella as she was in need of seeing a vet regularly. And that they just want her to have a loving forever home.